The Secular Ontario AA Roundup (SOAAR) will be held on Saturday, September 7.

Our theme is straightforward: Widening the Gateway. In 1957 in Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age Bill Wilson wrote about “the great contribution of our atheists and agnostics. They had widened our gateway so that all who suffer may pass through, regardless of their belief or lack of belief.”

SOAAR, some six decades later, is committed to the same goal: widening the gateway. We are committed to the inclusiveness of our AA Fellowship.

Regardless of an individual’s belief or lack of belief.

And all of this, we trust, will be obvious from the items in our agenda, the very wide variety of panels and diversity of panelists.

The roundup, of course, lasts one day. Saturday, September 7. And it runs from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

And here’s the agenda:

  • Registration [8:30 – 9:30]
  • Morning Keynote Speaker – Joe C, Author of Beyond Belief [9:30 – 10:00]
  • Personal Intros – Those present introduce themselves, name their home group and the thing (asset) that helped them most in their recovery [10:00 – 10:45]
  • PANEL: Spirituality in Recovery – Dr Vera Tarman and Dr Conrad Sichler [10:45 – 11:30]
  • Break [11:30 – 11:45]
  • PANEL: Step 4, Personal Inventories – Jowita Bydlowska, author of Drunk Mom,  Thomas B, author of Each Breath a Gift and Jeffrey Munn, author of Staying Sober Without God [11:45 – 12:30]
  • Lunch [12:30 – 1:30]
  • PANEL: Service in AA – Jim W, former Delegate for Area 86 and former Chair of the Hamilton AA Central Office, Richard B, past Eastern Canada Trustee on the General Service Board, Dale S, current Delegate for Area 86 and Anna P, current DCM for downtown Hamilton, District 10 [1:30 – 2:30]
  • PANEL: Mindfulness and Meditation – Dr Conrad Sichler and Heather C [2:30 – 3:15]
  • Break [3:15 – 3:30]
  • PANEL: Secular 12 Steps – Jeffrey Munn, author of Staying Sober Without God and John S, the creator of the website AA Beyond Belief [3:30 – 4:15]
  • Our AA Groups in Ontario [4:15 – 4:45]
  • Afternoon Keynote Speaker – Dr Vera Tarman, Addiction Medical Specialist at Renascent Rehab [4:45 – 5:15]
  • Thank you for Attending [5:15 – 5:30]


We are still open to suggestions. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us via email at Thank you!

Come soar with us at SOAAR!