The Secular Ontario AA Roundup (SOAAR) will be held on Saturday, September 7.

The agenda has not been put together yet. And the SOAAR committee is certainly open to suggestions. So here is some information that might help you put together some suggestions for us.

The roundup will last one day.

And if it runs from say, 10 AM to 6 PM, then that is a total of eight hours. And it will consist of:

  • keynote speaker(s);

  • panels (groups of two or more people speaking on the same topic, but with slightly different views);

  • workshops (one person speaking on one topic); and,

  • lunch (a great opportunity for social connections).

Each, with questions at the end, at least for the panels and workshops, will last for roughly one hour.

So let’s say there is keynote speaker at the beginning and one at the very end of the roundup. And lunch in the middle of the day. That means that three hours are gone and there are five hours remaining for panels and/or workshops.

It’s important to note that two panels and/or workshops can be held at the same time because, at the First Unitarian Church, we will have two separate (and large) rooms all day. That means that there can be a total of ten panels and/or workshops over the course of our roundup.


Any suggestions for speaker(s)? Any suggestions for workshops or panels? We are, it is important to repeat, open to suggestions.

You can contact us via email at

Thank you!