Here are links to websites that can be very helpful:

The Vancouver Secular AA Meetings website also includes meeting and contact information about other secular AA groups in B.C. (Langley and Nanaimo). You will also find information on how to start a meeting and several alternative versions of the 12 steps.

A website rich with information is Secular AA. It has a list of all of the secular AA meetings worldwide (and online). There is helpful advice on how to start a secular AA meeting. And there is info and links about the upcoming International Conference for Secular AA (ICSAA) and the regional roundups and conferences for secular AA.

AA AgnosticaOne of the earliest websites for agnostics and atheists in AA is AA Agnostica. Launched in 2011 when groups were booted out of the Toronto Intergroup, it became an international site, a voice for secular members of AA worldwide. To date, the site contains some five hundred articles and has published books such as Do Tell! Stories by Atheists and Agnostics in AA.

AA Beyond BeliefA website which was launched in October 2015 is the wonderful AA Beyond Belief. It alternates written articles on Sundays with AA Agnostica. A truly important part of the site are the podcasts, conducted by John S. It will no doubt have hundreds of podcasts available on a wide variety of topics, all important to we secular members of AA.

Rebellion Dogs PublishingJoe C, one of the founders of Beyond Belief, the first agnostic AA group in Canada, has his own website: Rebellion Dogs Publishing. The website offers readers very timely articles (and some music!) on the state of recovery in the twenty first Century. Joe, of course, is the author of Beyond Belief: Agnostic Musings for 12 Step Life, a daily reflection book.

AAThe official AA website for North America is right here: Alcoholics Anonymous. There is a lot of helpful information on this site, including “Local AA Resources”, “What’s New?” and “Information about AA”. You can also find information about the upcoming International AA Convention, where we secularists plan to have a hospitality suite, to be held in July 2020 in Detroit, Michigan.