A panel, beginning at 1:30 PM, composed of four people who have devoted much of their lives in recovery to service within Alcoholics Anonymous. And these are:

Jim W., chair of the panel. Hamilton born and raised, Jim is a retired steelworker, he was a 40 year employee of Dofasco. He joined Alcoholics Anonymous in 1987 and has been a member in good standing for over 31 years. Jim was elected Delegate for Area 86 Western Ontario 2014-2015. He has also been an advocate for Safety in AA and helped establish the Yellow Safety Card. Jim was elected as the Hamilton Central Office Chair from 2016-2017 and continues to volunteer there.

Richard B. from Montreal. Sober since 1989, he retired from Bombardier Aerospace after 33 years of Service. He has served at every position in a group. He has also been a past District Chair Member, past alternate Area chair, past Area chair, past Alternate Delegate panel 58, past Delegate panel 60 area 90 Northwest Quebec and past Eastern Canada Regional Trustee on the General Service Board from 2014 to 2018.

Anna P., an AA member since 2013.  A member of the Burlington Central Group she has held various positions at Burlington Central. She has been of service at the District level for 4 years.  She was District 19’s Secretary for Panel 66, Alternate DCM for District 19 from January to July 2018.  During those 6 months, she also stepped in for various positions; Grapevine Sub-Committee Chair, Telephone Answering Service Sub-Committee Chair and District Secretary. Anna is currently the District Committee Member for District 10.

Dale S., a retired contractor from Milton.  Sober since May 17, 2001, he has served his home group, Thursday Night, in various roles.  At the district level, he was the District Committee Member. At the Area level, he served for 2 years on the area committee as a sub-committee chair for Co-operation with the Professional Community and then as the Area Archives Chair. Dale was elected as the Area 86 Chair, the Alternative Delegate, and more recently as the Delegate for panel 68 where he serves on the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous.

For a PDF about this panel, click here: Service in AA.